Faculty of Health Sciences


       The Faculty of Health Sciences continues a rich tradition of scholarship in nursing. The School of Nursing in Kraków was founded in 1911 and by 1925 was trans­formed into the University School for Nurses and Hygienists. Its functioning was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. After the War, the School continued to educate nurses at a vocational, secondary-school level. Education at a graduate level was launched in 1975 with the founding of the Faculty of Nursing at the Academy of Medicine. In 1993, the Faculty was rejoined with Jagiellonian University and in 1998 was the first in Poland to introduce two-stage studies in nursing.
       A resolution by the Senate of Jagiellonian University, passed on February 26, 1997, transformed the Faculty of Nursing into the Institute of Public Health. This transforma­tion was made official on October 1, 1997. Precisely one decade later it assumed its current title as the Faculty of Health Sciences.
       The Faculty continues a tradition of midwifery training, initi­ated in Kraków in 1780 at the College of Physics, or Collegium Physicum, of the Crown School of Kraków.
Institute of Public Health       In 1895, midwifery training was excluded from the school and taken over by the Imperial-Royal School of Midwives, later transformed into the National School of Midwives after Poland regained independence. In 2005, the first students were enrolled in the one-stage midwifery training program at the then Institute of Public Health. That same year, the name of the Institute of Nursing was changed to the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery.
       In 1991, the School of Public Health was established. It func­tioned as an interfaculty unit of the Academy of Medicine and Jagiellonian University. This unit, being the first of its kind to offer public health education in Poland, was estab­lished with support from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and in consultation with the French Ministry of Health.
       The staff of the School began an intensive and wide-ranged campaign aimed at training personnel in modern manage­rial skills meant to satisfy the needs of Poland's changing health care system. In 1997, the name of the School was changed to the Institute of Public Health. Today the Institute offers courses in public health, an international master's degree program (EuroPubHealth), and postgradu­ate studies for persons performing managerial functions at healthcare institutions and carrying out other tasks in healthcare programs.