Faculty of Health Sciences

Present Day

       Presently, the Faculty of Health Sciences is composed of three institutes: the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, Institute of Public Health, and Institute of Physiotherapy.
       The Faculty offers five courses of study in nursing, mid­wifery, physiotherapy, public health, emergency medicine, and a specialty program in sanitary inspection. International student exchanges, as part of the Erasmus program, are being developed.
       Departments of the Faculty carry out wide-ranging research activities and its employees serve as consultants supporting healthcare services. As part of its scientific activity, the Faculty undertakes an interdisciplinary approach to medical prevention, diagnostics, treatment, care, and rehabilitation. Employees specialize in research on the organization and economics of health, pharmaceutical management, informa­tization, and the problem of dissemination of information within the health service.
       Advanced scientific research is being carried out in the field of cardiovascular disease epidemiology and various fields within medical biology (e.g., immunology, cell biology, endocrinology of reproduction, physiology and pathophysiology of the diges­tive system, ergonomics, and physical effort).
       The Faculty has established scientific and academic coopera­tion with foreign centers (including universities) in Maastricht, Sheffield, Rennes, Lailly-en-Val, Granada, Copenhagen, Pilsen, Kaunas and Kristianstad.