Department of Scientific Research
and Structural Funds of Medical College

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31-008 Kraków
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+48 (12) 422 17 09
+48 (12) 422 17 09

Welcome to the web page of the Department of Scientific Research and Structural Funds of Medical College, where you can find all necessary information on the scope of tasks and assignments realized by two Offices being part of the Department:
Office for Scientific Research – gathering and providing information on financing individual and statutory scientific-research programs, special and ordered projects, equipment and investment orders, application requirements for grants, and scholarship options for young scientists;
Office for Structural Funds – information on current options and possibilities of obtaining financial support within structural funds, as well as other aid funds for scientific and higher education units.
Our Department cooperates with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Health, the Foundation for Polish Science, and various other units as part of realization of scientific research. The Department also handles entering into contracts with various units for drug and cosmetics research as well as preparing expert evaluations. We also provide information on the procedures related to membership fees in foreign societies and publishing studies and research in international journals.
The Department also offers help to faculty members and employees of the JU MC in the field of technical realization of scientific-research projects (preparing applications, drawing up contracts and preparing annual and final reports).
Scientific progress is a reflection of the general level of development of a country. In Poland, science is still trying to find its own place. Shortage of funds influences the standard, compromises the quality and impairs the results of scientific projects. This does not exempt us, but rather obligates us, to search for financial means for their development, as it is in our common interest.