Medical Library

The Medical Library serves the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University. It was established in 1810.
Our Library actively cooperates with other academic and research libraries in Poland.
The Medical Library provides access to a wide range of information and resources, offers research support and provides services to faculty, students and staff of the Jagiellonian University as well as the healthcare professionals and researches along the Lesser Poland Province.
The collections cover clinical medicine and its specialties, the pre-clinics sciences, pharmacy, public health, nursing and related fields.
The Medical Library holdings range from printing collection to digital resources.
The library contains more than 400,000 volumes, along with over 300 journal titles, all doctoral and habilitation theses submitted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College and 30,000 other non-electronic items.
The Library provides access to full text articles form a variety databases.
The electronic collection of the Library may be accessed from computers in the University network.
The remote access to licensed resources is available via the HAN (Hidden Automatic Navigation) system to authorized users. All faculty, students and staff of JU MC are eligible.
The library catalogue is available on the Medical Library web page and can be used to search for print and electronic holdings.
The Medical Library also systematically catalogues publications of authors affiliated with the Jagiellonian University Medical College as well as a full-text database of doctoral theses.
The Medical Library offers library-information services, such as electronic delivery of documents and training for users.
Currently, the Library with its collection is dispersed across two locations :

20 Grzegórzecka Street (city centre)


331-531 Kraków
20 Grzegórzecka Street (temporary location)

+48 (12) 658 02 72 (switchboard)
+48 (12) 433 27 78 (office)
+48 (12) 658 02 72

Main Collection of Books and Journals
Reading Room
Circulation and Promotion of Library Services
Scientific Information
Current Acquisition and Cataloguing

Morawica (20km from the city centre)


Morawica 356
32-084 Liszki k/Krakowa (temporary location)

+48 (12) 517 385 669

Acquisition and Cataloguing
Book Storage Facility
19th century collection
Doctoral theses
Journals and Magazines